The Prince of Prigs - Other Characters

Lord Thomas Fairfax

Lord Thomas Fairfax

Lord Thomas Fairfax was naturally a Royalist. However, at some point in his youth, Charles Stuart had been rude and dismissive towards him, a sample of arrogance which cost him the war, his crown and ultimately his head. For when the clouds of war approached, Fairfax remembered the slight and agreed with the Parliamentarians that the King needed bringing down a peg or two. He emerged as a masterly General, and was instrumental in defeating the Royalists. From 1646 to 1649 he was the head of the New Model Army - Cromwell was merely one of his lieutenants until in 1649 Fairfax was ordered by Parliament to break the treaty with the Scots and invade. Fairfax refused and resigned, leaving the way clear for Cromwell to replace him and invade Scotland.

He was a brilliant General and a man of honour, but he was a lamentable politician, being outwitted by Cromwell at every turn. He retired to his estates in Yorkshire, and might have vanished from history. But when Oliver Cromwell died, Richard Cromwell was put in his place and was so inept he was deposed by Parliament. In the void that followed, Fairfax encouraged an uprising in the north of England, and the decision was made to restore the monarchy. It was Fairfax who led the delegation to the Hague to bring England's King back home.

Zachary Howard

There are no images of Zachary Howard, Zachary was also a Royalist captain, again distinguishing himself. But his career as a thief was far less illustrious than that of his contemporary. Three of his actions are described in the book, all of which actually happened, although mostly later than I have described them. The only other known action of his resulted in his capture and execution. As he included murder and rape within his portfolio of crimes, he was far less approachable than was the hero of the book!